Monday, July 07, 2008


Walk in silence,Dont walk away, in silence.See the danger,Always danger,Endless talking,Life rebuilding,Dont walk away.Walk in silence,Dont turn away, in silence.Your confusion,My illusion,Worn like a mask of self-hate,Confronts and then dies.Dont walk away.People like you find it easy,Naked to see,Walking on air.Hunting by the rivers,Through the streets,Every corner abandoned too soon,Set down with due care.Dont walk away in silence,Dont walk away.

Taking a Break


sometimes i wonder why i still choose to live.
when will life end.
i can not cope with the issues much longer.
i do not want to wake up when i close my eyes.
sing me to sleep.
i want life to end.
please make it stop.
i will be much happier
do you love me?
then kill me.

i am out of here

listen to life

i have a dream

i missed the first ten minutes.
a beautiful experience to be a part of.
i will never forget this.
it means so much to me.
please share my dream.
together we can be one.
so colorful and care free.
we can do this i know we can.


Operation Homecoming: Road Work

Elevator Music