Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Squash his head

Murdered on the interstate

Disconnect me if you can


Muted colors before my eyes
Dull and lifeless a shadow life
My moon has left me
And my stars don't shine
In endless pain I spend my time
A shadow world is where I stay
A whisper of what used to be bright and gay
The sun has left me
The clouds have formed
In endless rain I am reborn
A wraith to this life
So close to my death
Just one final kiss
Till I take my last breath

Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved

Content © Dreamscape Poetry
photography by <^> ?™
thank you Bonnie

Stagflation on the horizon

you know

ono soul

flying like a cement kite


if you work too hard you can sweat

always the sun

won't some one help me